Example : Circuit Switching VS Packet Switching

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Example : Circuit Switching VS Packet Switching

In the following article, an example of circuit switching and packet switching had been included. Hope the article helps the reader to achieve better understanding on how both type of switching can processes and routes data in the data link layer.

Circuit Switching

A best example for the circuit switching would be a telephone network. In the diagram above the caller “A” dials specific number to connect to the caller “B”. Once caller “A” finishes dialling the destination number, it reaches the telephone switch. The switch searches and select any one of the available routes to the destination. The connection is established when the caller “B” answers his phone. The red colour line on the diagram above shows the connection path During the whole conversation between caller “A” and “B”, the established connection will be used. If anyone of them hangs off the call the established connection will be disconnected immediately. They will need to reconnect again.

Packet Switching

Internet Protocol (IP) is an example of packet switching. When a person sends a message via appropriate application and protocols to another user. The messages are divided into packet which consists of chunks of data in small quantity. The packets take any of the available path to the destination. Upon reaching the destination, packets are reassembled into the original message.


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